Fluffy Little Cowboys


Shelley Montreuil

Shelley Montreuil has been writing and performing for over 25 years. Having grown up in Pembroke, Ontario, deep in the the Ottawa Valley, her roots are steeped in fiddle country and, yet, are strongly tinged with swing from playing early in her career beside some of the military’s best jazz musicians. Primarily known as a sax player, and lead singer for the group Yo Mama, Montreuil has always had a penchant for Country-Folk music and although she has spent the majority of her time until recently exploring the jazz/blues corner of her musical brain she is thrilled to have recently found some folk music soulmates in the form of her partner, Maureen and  newfound friend Keelin.  Shelley is looking forward to hearing her compositions come to life with the rich harmonies and strong musical backdrop this group has to offer.  Montreuil also has a blog which records all of her musical projects and journey at That Girl With The Sax.